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What is the Sudnow Method?

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How do you go to a keyboard and play a melody you never played before, of a standard song you can hum, the kind of a tune everyone knows? Without the music? You learn to pick out melodies well. That's a skill. It's acquired. It's gained very rapidly, by anyone, with proper guidance.

How do you find just the right chords to go with any melody? That's a skill too. It's acquired. In one way, only - by playing lots of tunes whose chords are given to you until the common chord patterns all songs share become learned, in a very familiar way, to your hands.

How do you arrange chords and melody for a rich sounding song and not a simple-minded child's version? By using simple standard voicing rules that explain which parts of a chord go in the left hand, which in the right, and how to add color tones to enrich the sound in wonderful ways.

How do you quickly learn to do all of this, in the most efficient, straightforward way? With the least amount of unnecessary education, and the very best advice on how to develop fine song playing skills as quickly as is possible?


Get The Sudnow Method

There's not a music education program in the world that competes. Two decades of studies on over 25,000 students prove that no program will have you playing songs well in as short a time.

The Sudnow Method is a recorded seminar. There are over 3 hours of recorded material and over 100 pages of downloads and updates - all in an electronic, downloadable format.

You listen to the recorded seminar right away, with illustrative cards in hand. Then you download course materials from the website and go to the piano to use a program that's laid out in perfectly clear detail. Follow it for a careful half-hour a day and you'll be amazing your friends in just months.

You start on a full blown adult version of a song, notated in an easy-to-follow way. And you gain all your skill inthe context of the kind of music you want to play, instead of working on certain drills just because tradition says they might help. By tackling adult arrangements, the music you want to learn shows you how to play it.

And in the clearest terms you'll find anywhere, you'll know what you need to: about melodies, scales, chords, voicing, harmony, the development of good technique, and the ingredients of rapid learning.

If you'd really like to play standard songs well, don't waste your money anywhere else.

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