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What Students Say...

  • After 37 days I can play so as to get oohs and aahs from my friends Don Windrath, Retired Air Force, CO
  • I learned ten songs in two months. I enjoy this way of learning Bill Gum, Engineer, CA
  • Answers my desire to play piano. The CDs are clear & David's always there for help Admiral Thor Hansen, NY
  • Waiting in a lounge I played for 20 people. The owner asked if I wanted a job Bill Smith, Electrician, PA
  • In two weeks I've learned my first tune, note perfect, with great sounds Scott Vaden, Pastor, VA
  • He's unlocked great sounds that've been running around in me for years George Sivore, Marine Importer, FL
  • Where were you twenty years ago? Think of the money my parents would've saved. I learned more from your course than in all those years Janet Garcia, MSW, LA
  • Just finished Someone to Watch Over Me, and it goes faster the more I do it Judge William Homer, IL
  • I'm 56 and feel like a kid. I can really play, a feat I thought impossible Steve Messina, Mechanic, IL
  • I've been wanting this sound for years. People who've played are very impressed, and ask what are you doing? Della Wettengel, Homemaker, IL
  • I started your course before my 70th birthday and now play with a skill I never thought possible at any age Samuel Lortz, Leather Processor, SC
  • So much in a brief course. It's great! Marilyn Nehas, Homemaker, NY
  • I studied music in conservatories for 8 years and couldn't play by ear till now Cynthia Myron, Ed. Admin, CO
  • Amazed at what I've learned in such a short time Mort Ehudin, DDS, MD.
  • Your system works, even for the skeptical. Now when I enter a piano store I sit down and try one. So I justified my longing for a new grand Cliff Lander, Wholesaler, CT
  • My father was pianist Arthur Rubinstein. I had the best lessons money could buy. But I always wanted to play Mercer rather than Mozart. With David's course I'm having the time of my life Paul Rubinstein, Stock Broker, NY
  • I feel like you're my personal teacher and a superb one at that Allen Weiss, Physicist, L.A.
  • For adults it's the most practical, enjoyable means for learning the piano Joanne Evans, Evans Music, Seattle
  • David's had a profound influence on my life, making song playing so accessible Wendy Taylor, Homemaker, NY
  • The simplest way to familiarize yourself with the keyboard and provide rewarding sounds Bruce Smith, Editor, IN
  • Thanks for the many moments of pleasure you've given both me and my wife Bill Von Ruden, MD, KS
  • Can't believe that I've finished three songs in only 12 weeks Pat Deer, RN, IN
  • Pleased with my progress and delighted that I now play a dozen songs Mary Trimble, Programmer, WA
  • The course changed my life to where I now think of a new career in music Ed Zas, Attorney, NY
  • I got back to the piano and improvisation thanks to David's great course. Playing more than ever now Bill Sorin, Attorney, NY
  • With your approach all I've learned about popular music is coming together Betty Jeffrey, Piano Teacher, WV
  • David talks clearly about music and delivers a great result in a sensible time. If you love the piano, listen to Sudnow Rafael Puga, Food Importer, FL
  • Your inspiration showed me that playing the piano was indeed a doable thing Ken Marmon, RN, NC
  • I've been a late starter but I'm going to make it, thanks to your fantastic method Jim Theby, Architect, MO
  • The most important thing Sudnow taught was to be more agressive about learning Tom Valeo, Theatre Critic, Chicago
  • I've used your method in learning classical pieces and have encouraged my students to also. With great results Francis Perry, Classical Guitarist, Nashville
  • It's a wonderful course. I've loved it Paul Cordes, Salesman, MN
  • As a concert pianist my great fear was a memory slip. Thanks to David's great method I can improvise through a mistake Anne Hodde, Concert Artist, MN
  • Inspired by your course, stimulated by your views Mark Pinksy, Mathematician, IL
  • Sudnow is responsible for my play. He method is elegant. It's straightforward. It works! Steven Sussman, MD, CT

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