Miscellaneous Info from David

Draft of "I Could Write a Book"

This is the unfinished draft of David's book describing the origins of his Method and his personal path to becoming a CJP - "Competent Jazz PIanist". I put it here mainly for historical purposes as an insight into David's personal view of his path to The Sudnow Method. (dmh)


'Misty' experiments

I've been thinking about different ways to tweak the dot song layouts.
Take a look and give me some feedback.
If you use the forum (there's a topic in 'Discussions') everyone can chime in.


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Tuning unisons

In a forum discussion I talked about learning how to clean up some common tuning issues on your own piano. Here's an example of what tuning unisons sounds like.

This is not a 'how to' audio, just an example of what a tuner listens to. Feel free to talk to your own tuner about learning this skill or contact me if you have further questions.