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Basic Membership

Access to all the necessary training and resources to play the songs you love to listen to, including:
  • Your own student page to monitor your progress and review lessons whenever you want to.
  • David Sudnow's original weekend seminar updated to a video format with animation to illustrate key points.
  • Access to the Sudnow Student Forums to ask questions, get feedback, and even renew your motivation.
  • 'Misty' in an updated dot song format - your first professional-sounding song.
  • 'Danny Boy' as a transitional dot song to learning to do your own voicing from fake books.
  • All the additional information you'll need to learn how to read and use fake books to create your own arrangements of your favorite songs.

Advanced Membership

PLEASE NOTE: If you're updating from a Basic membership, use the 'Contact us' link in the header menu to get a coupon discount of $80 off the full list price. AND if you send me a recording of a song you voiced yourself using the Sudnow Method and a note telling me what ideas you used from the Advanced material, I'll waive the annual maintenance fee of $7.00
The advanced student membership contains access to everything in the basic membership plus:
  • Advanced topics – including discussions of stride, reharmonization, special chord types
  • Audio newsletters – recordings of David Sudnow discussing various topics in a conversational format
  • Pianoside chats – Suds works through various voicing situations using specific songs in context
  • Song of the Month – Extended recordings of David walking through songs (this is a fixed set, not a continuing feature)
  • Improvisation – David writes at length about various aspects of improvisation
  • Miscellaneous Musings – An ongoing collection of thoughts and resources related to music and music-making

Previous student reinstatement

If you paid for a Membership but are not in our current database (or did not renew), this will restore your Basic Membership status.
Email us if you have questions.
Once the payment is completed, we'll update your status manually - thus, if you don't have access immediately please be patient.
If your patience runs out (or if you're just proactive) please email me or use the contact form to remind me of the update.Thanks!

Current student annual renewal

Both Basic and Advanced Membership levels are subject to a $7.00 annual renewal fee. But there are two ways you can waive all future renewal fees:

  1. Basic Membership: email us a recording of your rendition of 'Misty'. We don't care how 'good' you may think it is. We'd just like to know you're making progress.
  2. Advanced Membership: email us a recording of a song you voiced yourself. Again, imagined quality is not a concern.
When your membership expires you'll have to purchase this 'product'. I'd like to make it simpler but I haven't figured out how yet. Once I see this transaction I'll update your expiration date.Thanks for your support.

Dot Songbook #1

Dot Songbook #1 - includes "Over the Rainbow", "My Funny Valentine", "Someone to Watch Over Me", and "When I Fall in Love".
Note to non-students: These songbooks are not refundable - make sure you understand what you're buying.  Click on the product title to see the full description.
After your purchase is completed, log in to your account and you'll see the links to the Dot Songbook material.


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